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Established in 1986 as a full service video production and post-production facility, Firehouse combines a long history of technical expertise and experience with a creative team committed to telling your story.



Bring some heat to your next project.

Keith Page has over 30 years experience as a Producer and Director of Photography on projects for the federal government, advertising, documentary and corporate communications clients.

Work on everything from shooting in 18 Pacific Rim cities over a 28 day schedule, to infomercials for cutting your hair with a vacuum cleaner attachment. He’s been told his crew had to hide in a closet while an A List actor passed through (“He’ll freak if he sees you.”), and he’s located stock footage of lightning for a tatted-up man who called himself 666, and said he was the Antichrist. We just called him 6 - his wife was Mrs. 6.

The owner of a post-production facility for many years, he’s seen the evolution….