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You have an objective. You may want people to find out about your organization or company, buy your product, or just better understand a complex issue. We'll help you accomplish that with the power of sound and moving pictures.

Keith Page has over 30 years experience as a producer, writer, and director of photography for broadcast, commercial, corporate and documentary clients. Among his credits are “Target Earth” for Turner Broadcasting (TBS), program segments for A&E’s “Ancient Mysteries,” national spot work for The Prudential Insurance Co., and a 13-episode season of Home and Garden Television's (HGTV) “Dream House” series. Institutional work for the National Park Service, The Smithsonian, and the Bureau of Land Management.

We’re buried under a tsunami of video - too much of it produced like a commodity. It’s easier than ever to produce quality images and sound built upon a shaky creative foundation. Less so to really understand your audience’s language, customs, and way of thinking.

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