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Con los Inmigrantes


An update on our Border Project with Washington, D.C.'s Sautter Films.  We recently spent some time in Sasabe, Sonora,  a major staging area for illegal border crossers.  The Department of Homeland Security  fence is under construction here and there is a U.S. border station on the Arizona side that doesn't seem to get much traffic. That might explain why we were greeted by 10 agents with automatic weapons in hand when we drove back across to the U.S.

We had a chance to talk a bit with some men, pictured above, who were setting out for Phoenix and higher pay--they told us they were set to get $6 per hour compared to the $6 per day they could get working in Mexico.  The town of Sasabe probably has a population of 1,000, yet we were told the Western Union office handles about $20 million per year--mostly money to pay the "mules" who guide the crossers to halfway houses or spots where they will be picked up and transported by vehicle.