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There’s an interesting story behind every revolutionary technology.

Tucson resident Mark Bannister owned a landscaping company on the east coast - involved in a motorcycle accident he had to sell the company and concentrate on recovering his health.  During this time he moved to Arizona.

A shade tree scientist and builder, Bannister was experimenting with ways to make a non-mechanical device move material under control. He developed a polymer substance that expands and contracts when fed a small electrical current.

Thinking there could be a market for the material, he networked with various tech industry groups, meeting some people who know how to bring new medical products to market.  Satisfied with Mark's claims, lab work results, and after rigorous testing, they decided it would be perfect for medical infusion pumps - expensive mechanical devices carried by a patient and giving small doses of medication on a regular schedule.

Since the substance can, in mechanical engineering terms, do "work," infusion pumps are only the beginning.

Shooting in Tucson and San Diego, with a series of time-lapse sessions to show the material in action.