Firehouse Pictures

Creative Solutions for Visual Communication

Established in 1986 as a full service video production and post-production facility, Firehouse combines a long history of technical expertise and experience with a creative team committed to telling your story.


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You've got a reason you want us to produce your video - an objective.  

You may want people to find out about your organization or company, buy your product, or just better understand a complex issue.   We'll help you accomplish that with the power of sound and moving pictures. 

We'll develop a creative strategy that works, using language and imagery your audience understands, and with Native Spanish speakers on staff, we can handle all your bilingual needs.




If you've already got a concept and/or script, we can help you bring it to life with an experienced location crew and the right equipment package for your project. 

Contact Keith Page about crew services.


Our experience with post services goes back to the days of linear edit suites and 1" tape.  We know the technical side, but more importantly, we know how to manage your project.   

On time.  On budget.

  • editing
  • graphic design
  • color grading
  • sound design